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Resources in the University of Michigan Histology Dropbox

This collection was originally compiled by Kent Christensen, Ph.D., J. Matthew Velkey, Ph.D., Lloyd M. Stoolman, M.D., Laura Hessler, and Diedra Mosley-Brower. Currently, it is curated by Michael Hortsch, Ph.D. If you have questions or comments regarding the University of Michigan virtual slide collection, please contact Dr. Hortsch at hortsch at

Virtual Slide List for Histology Course

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Female Reproductive System 1: Ovary and Oviduct
Oviduct, uterine segment, H&E, 40X
Ovary, monkey, PAS, 40X
Ovary, monkey, PAS, 40X
Female Reproductive System 2:Uterus, Cervix, Vagina
Uterus, stage between proliferative and secretory, H&E, 20X (mucosa = endometrium [at right], glands, coiled or spiral arteries, myometrium [middle], smooth muscle, perimetrium = connective tissue and serosa [peritoneum] [at left]).
Uterus, proliferative stage, H&E, 40X (another example, coiled or spiral arteries).
Uterus, secretory stage, H&E, 40X (endometrium with secretory glands, coiled or spiral arteries).
Uterus, menstrual stage, H&E 40X (stratum functionalis sloughing off, heavy lymphocytic infiltration).
Cervix, H&E, 20X (cervical glands [below] with columnar epithelium [secretes mucus], muscle [above], uterine wall [at left], vagina [at right]).
Vagina, H&E, 40X (stratified squamous epithelium non keratinized, connective tissue, smooth muscle [inner circular, outer longitudinal]).
Vagina, Masson trichrome stain, 40X (another example, distribution of connective tissue [blue] and smooth muscle [reddish] seen particularly well, many nerves).
UCSF 405
Cervix, trichrome stain, 40X
Female Reproductive System 3: Placenta and Mammary Gland
Placenta, early, H&E, 40X (villi, maternal blood space, syncytiotrophoblast layer, cytotrophoblast layer, Hofbauer cells = fetal macrophages)
Placenta, late, H&E, 20X (villi).
Placenta, late, H&E, 40X (villi, maternal blood space, syncytiotrophoblast, occasional cytotrophoblast,capillary, macrophage [Hofbauer cell), fibrinoid).
Mammary gland, inactive = nulliparous, H&E, 20X (glandular lobules, ducts, myoepithelial cells, intralobular and interlobular connective tissue).
Mammary gland, active [perhaps middle of pregnancy], H&E, 40X (alveoli, myoepithelium, plasma cells, ducts, lactiferous ducts).
Mammary gland, active, lactating, H&E, 40X
Nipple and areola, H&E, 20X (nipple [center], areola [at left and right], lactiferous ducts, myoepithelial cells, thin skin, sebaceous glands, smooth muscle strands, nerves).
Lymphatic System
Lymph node, H&E, 20X (lymph node at upper right).
Lymph node, H&E, 40X (detail of above, capsule, afferent lymphatic vessels, subcapsular sinus, cortex, follicles=nodules [mostly B cells], germinal centers [abnormal here, see slide 30], parafollicular cortex=deep cortex [mostly T cells], high endothelial venules, medulla, cords, sinuses, endothelial cells, reticular cells, hilus).
Lymph node, H&E, 40X (see also slide26 40X above for structures, germinal centers).
Lymph node, stained with silver to show reticular fibers [black], 40X (reticular fibers are made by reticular cells).
Lymph node [in mesentery see dark structures], H&E, 40X (see also slide 26 40X for follicular germinal centers, high endothelial venules).
Tonsil, palatine, H&E, 20 (crypt [white space beginning at top and extending down], crypt lined with stratified squamous epithelium non-keritanized, lymphatic follicles with large germinal centers).
Tonsil palatine, H&E, 40X 
Tonsil, faucial, H&E, 40X (several crypts lined with stratified squamous epithelium non keritanized, lymphoid follicles).
Thymus, young, H&E, 40X (cortex [darker, developing T cells], medulla [lighter], epithelial reticular cells, macrophages, Hassall's corpuscles).
Lymph node, H&E, 40X (see also slide 26 40X for germinal centers, high endothelial venules).
Spleen, H&E, 40X (capsule, trabeculae [dense c.t., stains red], white pulp, central arterie w/periarteriolar lymphatic sheath = PALS [mostly T cells], lymphatic follicles [mostly B cells, sometimes with germinal center], marginal zone, red pulp, splenic cords, venous sinuses, reticular cells).
Spleen, H&E, 20X
Spleen, H&E, 40X (detail of previous slide, red pulp sinuses).
Thymus, adult, 40X (extensive fatty tissue, cortex and medulla quite involuted).
Fundic stomach, H&E, 40X
Gastroduodenal junction, H&E, 40X
Small intestine, jejunum, H&E, 40X
Appendix, H&E, 40X
Spleen, H&E, 40X (see slide 147 20X above for central artery with PALS and lymphatic follicles with large germinal centers).
UCSF 261
Appendix, H&E, 40X
Male Reproductive System
Seminal vesicle, H&E, 20X
Testis, human, H&E, 40X (testis [upper left], seminiferous tubules, spermatogonia, primary spermatocytes, secondary spermatocytes [very seldom seen], spermatids, Sertoli cells, interstitial tissue, Leydig cells, small blood vessels, tunica albuginea, mediastinum [upper right], rete testis, epididymis [lower half of section], efferent ducts).
Testis, H&E, 40X
Testis, immature human, H&E, 40X (testis, seminiferous tubules with only early germ cells and poorly developed Sertoli cells, small Leydig cells).
Testis, human, H&E, 40X (testis [lower half of section], seminiferous tubules, spermatogonia, primary spermatocytes, spermatids, Sertoli cells, interstitial tissue, Leydig cells, small blood vessels, tunica albuginea, epididymis [upper right], efferent ducts).
Seminal vesicle, human, H&E, 40X (three lumens of contorted tube, complex interconnecting mucosal folds, secretory epithelium [simple columnar or pseudostratified columnar], lamina propria, abundant smooth muscle in wall of tube).
Prostate, human, H&E, 40X (prostatic urethra [at center], numerous prostatic glands [left, right and middle], secretory epithelium [simple or pseudostratified columnar], abundant smooth muscle in the connective tissue between the glands, two ejaculatory ducts with the prostatic utricle = utriculus masculinus between them.
Prostate gland, Masson stain, 20X
Prostate, human, H&E, 20X (prostatic glands, with abundant smooth muscle between them, concretions [= amyloid bodies] in many of the glands).
Spermatic cord, human, H&E, 20X (ductus or vas deferens [top of section], branch of testicular artery [center of section], pampiniform plexus of testicular veins [around testicular artery branches], dartos muscle [smooth], cremaster muscle [skeletal].
Penis cross section, human, H&E, 40X (two large pale corpora cavernosa [erectile tissue], venous sinuses, trabeculae [connective tissue, smooth muscle, small blood vessels including helicine arteries], deep artery, tunica albuginea, penile urethra [at lower right] in corpus spongiosum).
UCSF 363
Testis, human, Regaud-Hem & van Gieson stain, 40X